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The Future of Medicine

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How Our Medicine is Changing Rapidly

Medicine in the 21st century is currently experiencing more rapid changes and developments than ever before. Revolutionary advances in pharmacy and medical technology will enable revolutionary innovations in diagnostics and therapy in the near and distant future.

Our current understanding of health, prevention and cure of diseases will be fundamentally transformed. At the same time, the practice of medicine will change profoundly and the health care system will be reshaped and partly redesigned in all areas.

Already, impressive progress is being made in the treatment of cancer, chronic diseases and neurodegenerative disorders. Medical technology, without which, for example, a treatment procedure such as transcranial pulse stimulation (TPS) would not be possible, is also becoming increasingly important. Thus, a hopeful scenario can be sketched in which the cooperation of pharmaceutical research, medical technology and information technology will massively advance medicine, provided that current approaches and the will for constructive interdisciplinary cooperation prove to be viable.

Alzheimer Science keeps you up to date on the latest developments in medical research and development and reports on opportunities and scenarios, some of which still seem like science fiction today, but may soon be part of our everyday reality.

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